May 11, 2010

Death Isn't FAIR

Dylan here.

Usually my schedule is full of friday night plans but tonight I decided to head over to the fair at Liberty University. It was put on by the Jubilee Center of Lynchburg to raise awareness of the center and what it does. I myself have a strong connection to the center. My brother who is 6 years old goes there on a regular basis. It provides services such as educational, athletic, vocational, and summer camp programs.

There was a hugely unusual and tragic event that took place tonight, but I'm not going to tell you about that until later in the blog because if I told you now then you wouldn't read what else I have to say. As for the fair itself, there were lots of attractions and games. I participated in these:

- Ferris Wheel
- Bumper Cars
- Magic Show
- The Scrambler
- Ring Toss
- and many more of those rigged carnival games that you can never win!

There were also a bunch of local businesses selling their products at booths around the fair. A portion of their profits went to the Jubilee Center.


Unfortunately this carnival was not all fun and games. A young child fell from the ferris wheel and died. I talked to some people there and found out his name is Ben Ritter. This poor kid was on the ferris wheel when the car he was in fell off of the structure and he plunged about 100 feet to his death. No one knows what exactly went wrong but I suspect that the company that they rented the Ferris wheel from would be held responsible for this situation.

I did a bit of research and learned that there is going to be a memorial service at TRBC (Thomas Road Baptist Church) September 7th at 6 p.m. It is open to the public and I would encourage all to attend in support of the grieving family. Directions to TRBC can be found here.


Aug 29, 2009

It's The Weekend!!

this weekend has been sooooo busy.. let me tell you about it.

Friday night I went out for dinner with my friend Matt and these two girls to 'Cici's Pizza' which is amazing!! it is a buffet pizza place but they have such cool pizza's (like mac and cheese pizza!! loved it!! haha).. then we went to the dollar movie theatre and then came back to campus and went to this dam and just chilled and prank called people. Yesterday was the 24 hours of prayer on campus, so each dorm has a designated hour to go pray in a certain place and there are a bunch of different stations to pray for different things (stuff like home pastor, family and friends, missions, our nation, etc.) so our time slot was at 4AM till 5AM!! haha so after the movie we all just stayed up in the dorm until 4.. then after our prayer (which was amazing!! it was too cool to see a whole campus covered in prayer for 24 hours) we went to IHOP at 5:30 to have breakfast. Then me, matt, my other friend james, and these two girls (Heidi and Jeanette) went out and just hung out because we were wide awake.. then we got really tired and came back and I slept from 8AM till 1:30.. so I still got 5 and a half hours. Then today we (me and james) met up with the girls again for lunch... now in like an hour is the 'block party' for the whole school, and I think it is basically gonna be a carnvial type thing on the football field. After that I am going to late-skate where I can teach these yankees how it's done. So yeah then tomorrow Adam is taking me to Brentwood church and I am going to check that out. Oh and I put my guitar in the shop to get the action lowered, so I am really stoked to get that back.


Aug 21, 2009

So one things these American's have been able to show me since I got here is If you have never heard of this site then you need to check it out. It is internet radio and you can listen to anything you want. Search by artist or song, and it will make a playlist for you of songs by that artist, or by artists similar to them. Its a good way to hear some new music that is like the stuff you already listen to.


Aug 20, 2009

Busy Day @ LU

So after two days of doing basically nothing, today is jam packed. We have convocation at 9AM-10AM, then "Keeping It Safe For Men" from 11-12. This afternoon I have my freshman seminar from 1-3:30 (which I already had some homework for). And to finish off a busy day on a good note, we meet our sister dorm and have a cookout on the football field. I'm praying for energy at convo this morning because I only got 5 and a half hours of sleep last night.

Last night we had our first hall meeting, and it was really awesome to hear our RA's testimonies, and I really got to see how much Liberty does to assure that we have accountability and one-on-one discipleship in our dorms.

Still lovin' it here!


Aug 19, 2009

Moved In!

Last night at 6PM I was officially a student at Liberty University. I was the first of the three guys living in my room to arrive, and therefore got the sweetest bed, dresser, etc. Both of my roommates seem like cool guys, and we actually are all pretty similar. So I am pretty stoked about that. As for my first sleep here.. not so great. The mattresses are alright, but I woke up like 10 times in the night. Plus I woke up for good at 8:30! VOLUNTARILY! Never before in my life. So today will be a day full of getting stuff figured out (mail, classes, and all that fun stuff). Hopefully I will keep up with the blogging while I am here, maybe skip a few assignments ;)

kidding mom & dad!


Aug 15, 2009

Trip To Liberty - Day 6 to 8

I could sum up the last 3 days with 3 'B's. Baseball, Beach, and Bodysurfing. Actually that could basically sum up our entire trip thus far. It's been raining quite a bit, but we have spent a good 3 hours a day at Virginia Beach since we got here, and the waves have been awesome.

On the plate for tomorrow: Leaving for Lynchburg (if you don't know, that's where Liberty is)


Aug 14, 2009

Book Review - "Christian Beliefs"

Wayne A. Grudem - Christian Beliefs

"Christian Beliefs" is a book by renown theologian Wayne Grudem. It is described as his systematic theology contracted into a compact book. As the subtitle states, it is twenty basics every Christian should know. I couldn't agree more.

The Good - Grudem covers subjects on which Christians must be completely clear. His biblically based doctrine regarding disputed topics such as predestination, is continually backed by verses from God's word. It is a very easy read and clears up any confusions that many Christians may have regarding their personal beliefs.

The Bad - You may actually learn something. But that is really a good thing now isn't it.

BOTTOM LINE - A Must Read For Any Believer