Aug 20, 2009

Busy Day @ LU

So after two days of doing basically nothing, today is jam packed. We have convocation at 9AM-10AM, then "Keeping It Safe For Men" from 11-12. This afternoon I have my freshman seminar from 1-3:30 (which I already had some homework for). And to finish off a busy day on a good note, we meet our sister dorm and have a cookout on the football field. I'm praying for energy at convo this morning because I only got 5 and a half hours of sleep last night.

Last night we had our first hall meeting, and it was really awesome to hear our RA's testimonies, and I really got to see how much Liberty does to assure that we have accountability and one-on-one discipleship in our dorms.

Still lovin' it here!


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