Aug 4, 2009


So this morning I woke up at about 11:00 and did what I always do. I sat at my computer desk and checked my email, facebook, etc. I had totally forgotten about the Hillsong CD giveaway that had been announced this morning. I had just finished watching a video on (because I am to excited to wait for the season to start), and decided to check my facebook. I had a new friend request. "Rich Kirkpatrick"... I had no idea who that was, but by his picture he looked like he went to church.. I know that sounds weird but he has a soul patch, which I usually associate with youth pastors or worship leaders. Sure enough after checking my blog and remembering about the contest I realized that he was one of the blogs that was giving away the new Hillsong CD "Faith+Hope+Love". I immediately went to his blog and sure enough there is a big picture of MY blog header as his latest post (See image above). Needless to say I accepted his friend request and I am waiting to hear back from him on how to claim my prize :)



Chris said...

Hey man - send me an email so Integrity can get this shipped out to you. Thanks!

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