Aug 29, 2009

It's The Weekend!!

this weekend has been sooooo busy.. let me tell you about it.

Friday night I went out for dinner with my friend Matt and these two girls to 'Cici's Pizza' which is amazing!! it is a buffet pizza place but they have such cool pizza's (like mac and cheese pizza!! loved it!! haha).. then we went to the dollar movie theatre and then came back to campus and went to this dam and just chilled and prank called people. Yesterday was the 24 hours of prayer on campus, so each dorm has a designated hour to go pray in a certain place and there are a bunch of different stations to pray for different things (stuff like home pastor, family and friends, missions, our nation, etc.) so our time slot was at 4AM till 5AM!! haha so after the movie we all just stayed up in the dorm until 4.. then after our prayer (which was amazing!! it was too cool to see a whole campus covered in prayer for 24 hours) we went to IHOP at 5:30 to have breakfast. Then me, matt, my other friend james, and these two girls (Heidi and Jeanette) went out and just hung out because we were wide awake.. then we got really tired and came back and I slept from 8AM till 1:30.. so I still got 5 and a half hours. Then today we (me and james) met up with the girls again for lunch... now in like an hour is the 'block party' for the whole school, and I think it is basically gonna be a carnvial type thing on the football field. After that I am going to late-skate where I can teach these yankees how it's done. So yeah then tomorrow Adam is taking me to Brentwood church and I am going to check that out. Oh and I put my guitar in the shop to get the action lowered, so I am really stoked to get that back.


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Sounds like a great time.

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