Jul 30, 2009

Album Review - "I Made That"

"I Made That" is Brandon Brown's debut album. Even though he is a friend of mine I will try not to biased.

The Good - This album has a very unique sound. Paired up with Eric Rogerson on electric guitar, Brandon is able to create a mix of R&B, Hip Hop, and Rock. I listen to all but a few tracks on a regular basis on my Ipod. The hooks are catchy and you will be singing along in no time.

The Bad - (This will be short) Not a big fan of the instrumental interlude but that's just me.

The Ugly - Man I don't know whats up with that interlude... that dance beat is whack! lol

Must Hear Tracks
1) More Than A Crush
2) Mrs. Me (Ft. D-Pryde)
3) Intro (It Starts Here)
4) Prom Night
5) Movin' In Circles

BOTTOM LINE - Buy this one... It's well worth the money!
Buy It On Itunes >> http://tinyurl.com/nw5gsd


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